Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our trip to Birkeneau Concentration Camp

                                                Elder and Sister Reed met us for breakfast
                                                                   and let us use their car.
Wonderful Breakfast with wonderful company

The tall wires that kept them from escaping

This is where they slept like animals
                                                               This is their bathrooms
This is their house

This is a railroad car they would bring
them in

This is the road they would march them
down to their death

More beds

This is full of ashes of their bodies


This is the crematorium where their
bodies were burnt

This is a memorial to all those
who died here

This is the train track that would
bring them in
This is the showers that would
gas them to death instead of
getting a shower
We are headed home on this
beautiful train

Relax we will be home in 3 1/2 hours

My first train ride!!

This is our cabin sign where we sat

This says we are going to Warsaw

What a ride, Loved it!!!!


This is for my grandson who loves trains!

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