Friday, August 23, 2013

Hawaiian Luau in Poland

We are blowing up balloons

Everyone is tieing a knot in the balloons

Marcin is also helping

It was a big project

We needed 160 balloons

This game is the toilet paper roll game

This is the three-leged race

This game is putting and taking off clothes
Elder Cieslak

Look how many Agnieszka has on

The total to have on is 5 pieces

I think Sister Howells has them all

Brother Weisenberger
Cute handmade Hula Skirts made by the
Mastroianni's from plastic bags!!

Now the balloons are tied to your ANKLES
and everyone is going to try to pop
your balloon

Our old guy in our English class tied his
to his knee, pretty smart, but cheating,
 and he will battle it out with Kris
This is our Limbo Contest
Everyone did it

Amy Mastroianni won

Elder Zelezniak

He won also
Don't they look darling
Elder Zelezniak with member

Brother and Sister Neto and Monika

Elder and Sister Jensen

Elder Saltmarsh, Oskar and Elder Raines

Sister Law and daughter

Sister and Brother Weisenberger and
Sister and Brother Brisco

Our English guy

Elder Garfield, Elder Swicegood, Elder Saltmarsh in the back
Elder Fotu, Elder Zelezniak and Elder Harris
doing the Slap Dance
Sister Ott, Sistser Howells, Sister Lidtka and Sister Lenhart
doing the Hula for us
They are bringing in the members now
The Mastroianni sisters

Everyone is going to try it

Looking real good

Even our Elders

Sister and Brother Pickett and member

Amy Mastroianni

Phoebe Brisco

Brother Neto

Sister Lenhart and Sister Lidtka
Beautiful girls!!  
The whole gang!!
Some of our people left before
we took the picture.
We had 80 in attendance
A Huge Success and a Great Time!!!


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