Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First letter from the States

District Meeting Every Tuesday at 11:30

                                We thought we would make the missionaries some cookies
                                      for District Meeting this morning.  All gone again!!
                          District Leader Elder Manwill (with the striped tie) gave the lesson today. 
                                 Did a great job.  His companion is Elder Garfield.

                                  Zone Leader Elder Van Bakel from the Netherlands in the green tie.
                                              His companion is Zone Leader Elder Raines
                                         Sister Allen is in blue and Sister Howells is in green.
                                                    The sisters are doing such a great job.
                                     Elder Vernon is a Trainer with the red tie.  Elder Gibby
                                                          is new from Washington, Utah

Single Adults Family Home Evening

                                       This is what we do after the lesson.  They love to eat.
                            This is where we made Chili and cornbread.  I think they liked it.
                       I do not know their names, they are the Mother and Daughter that are investigators
                                 This is Stan whom Elder is trying to get baptized that has been
                                                        through 17 sets of missionaries.
                          .       This is Swovic (our interpreter) and the little lady that loved
                                                  the cornbread and took it home with her.

                                               I am making the cornbread in our apartment
One thing about cooking, it is just like riding a bicycle, once you have learned the skill you never forget it and it all comes back to you quickly.  I am fortunate I cooked a lot for my family as they were growing up. 

What we eat for breakfast in Poland

                                We always get brown eggs right from the coops, you always have to wash your eggs before you use them
                               We have the best juices over here in lots of different flavors.  Since you can't drink the water, they drink juice.  We also have a lot of different kinds of bread.  This is our favorite.  It is a very small loaf but it contains lots of nuts, and grains.  We love it.

Marta's Birthday at YSA's

It is Marta's birthday and we are having a party at YSA's.  Her sister next to her is Kinga.
She is opening her present.

See her beautiful scarf.  She is waiting for her missionary who is serving in England.  They
want to be married right after he comes home.  Her and I have a lot in common and we talk often. 
She is attending college.

                                                                    Marta and Kinga
                                            Now it is their turn to play the Skittles game

                                              This is Emil who comes to YSA's
                                        This is Elder, I knew I would get him to play games

Agnieszka's birthday party at YSA's

                                                        Agnieszka opening her present
                            She is 20 years old and wants to be an interpreter, and she does a great job for us missionaries who cannot understand Polish. See her beautiful scarf.
                  They are having a race to see who can get the colored skittles in their right cups, the fastest one wins.  Will it be Agnieszka or Marcin?
                                    Come on Marcin, hurry she is going to win and she did!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is "Little Red" She is a Fabia Skoda

Elder Jensen and I think we could have one of these in the States
How do we get it there?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

This is our view from our window

This is our apartment BRAND NEW EVERYTHING I feel guilty and spoiled

On the right is the fridge and freezer below and there is a stove which doubles as a microwave

Can anyone see my dishwasher it is there?

                                                                Storage Cabinets

                                              Where is my washer????  It is there in front

                                                               Closet Doors                                      

Meeting the YSA's for the first time

They had made this welcome sign and balloons for us as a surprise

Here is our group they are great!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Leaving for Poland

Tiffany and I took them to the airport, of course, we were early.   They were both not nervous, but so excited.  Mom was only nervous about her bags but she didn't need to be they all made it through with flying colors.  We had a little time to spend with them but not much. The lines started piling up with skiers and it was time for them to go.  We cried a little, really mom did so good.  Look at Dad in this picture, Dennis said he looks like a kid at Christmas.  We are so excited for them.   We love you Dad and Mom.  -Heather

Here they are in Salt Lake leaving for Poland.