Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Single Adults Family Home Evening

                                       This is what we do after the lesson.  They love to eat.
                            This is where we made Chili and cornbread.  I think they liked it.
                       I do not know their names, they are the Mother and Daughter that are investigators
                                 This is Stan whom Elder is trying to get baptized that has been
                                                        through 17 sets of missionaries.
                          .       This is Swovic (our interpreter) and the little lady that loved
                                                  the cornbread and took it home with her.

                                               I am making the cornbread in our apartment
One thing about cooking, it is just like riding a bicycle, once you have learned the skill you never forget it and it all comes back to you quickly.  I am fortunate I cooked a lot for my family as they were growing up. 

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  1. That is wonderful you remembered how to make cornbread! The YSAs look great, the scarfs are beautiful C:. I love how they match the personality. You both are doing a great job! We LOVE your letters everyone! We Love you all the way from AZ!