Tuesday, March 26, 2013

90th Birthday Party

                                                         Happy Birthday 90 years old
                                         She reminds me of my mother that I miss so much
                                                     She always kisses me on the cheek
                                          She was telling us how much she loves us, and how
                                                  thankful she was for her birthday party.
                                                         She wanted to tell you all HI!!
                                                        This is the cake I told you about.

Monday, March 18, 2013

This is our ward choir for District Conference

We have lots of missionaries to sing the words and a few natives and then there is Elder and Sister Jensen and Elder and Sister Hutchinson who are trying.  
Notice our choir director:  She is the one with the blue tights.  She is a go getter and full of excitement.                       

Sunday, March 17, 2013

YSA Activity for District Conference March 16, 2013

                                                        Table Set and Ready to go
                                                                 The meat is cooking
The hamburger patty makers Elder
Jensen and Lloyd 
              Sister Hutchinson in blue in the back, Sister and Elder Lloyd, Elder and Sister Sheley
                                                                   Kinga and Sebastian

                                                                      Marta and Ewa

                                                                 Kamila and Kamil

                                             Rafal (eating) is blind, Adam and Romauld

                                           Agnieszka, Dominicka (waiting for her mission call)
                                              and Marta (got her mission call to Chicago)

                        Balloons tied around each ankle and who is the last that hasn't been popped.
                                                          Still trying to get the last one
                                                Sebastian and returned Elder from Poland
                                                              Dominicka and Kamila
                                                              Kamil and Agnieszka
                                                       Sister Sheley and Sister Lloyd
                                                     Kinga and Sister and Elder Jensen
                                                               Sister and Elder Jensen
                                                             Sebastian is the winner!!!
                                                      Now we are playing SPOONS
                                                           They love that game
                                                  All YSA that attended our conference

Zone Training Meeting

Elder Pofelski and Roberts 
                                                               Elders Finch and Peacock

                                               Elder Boyce and Elder Wilson DL and TR

                                                 Office Elders Walter and Register

                                                     AP Elders Mikolyski and Tiner

                                               The whole zone including the sisters below

                                                    Sister Young TR and Sister Lenhart

Relief Society 171 Years Birthday Party

They love to eat.  Such a pretty table

                                                    We were to bring salads and desserts

                                             These are our future Relief Society Sisters

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our First Baptism

This is Marcin who is getting baptized on Saturday
March 9, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. 
He has been coming to YSA's all the time the
Elders have been teaching him, so we have
tried to help make this day happen.  The bad part is
he is moving to England to find a  job so we will loose him.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blue City Mall

This is Blue City Mall .  That elevator goes up all 7 stories
The people on the floor are selling jewelry or etc. like our malls set up the little booths in the hall.

Those are the escalators that you see with the elevator in the middle