Sunday, March 17, 2013

YSA Activity for District Conference March 16, 2013

                                                        Table Set and Ready to go
                                                                 The meat is cooking
The hamburger patty makers Elder
Jensen and Lloyd 
              Sister Hutchinson in blue in the back, Sister and Elder Lloyd, Elder and Sister Sheley
                                                                   Kinga and Sebastian

                                                                      Marta and Ewa

                                                                 Kamila and Kamil

                                             Rafal (eating) is blind, Adam and Romauld

                                           Agnieszka, Dominicka (waiting for her mission call)
                                              and Marta (got her mission call to Chicago)

                        Balloons tied around each ankle and who is the last that hasn't been popped.
                                                          Still trying to get the last one
                                                Sebastian and returned Elder from Poland
                                                              Dominicka and Kamila
                                                              Kamil and Agnieszka
                                                       Sister Sheley and Sister Lloyd
                                                     Kinga and Sister and Elder Jensen
                                                               Sister and Elder Jensen
                                                             Sebastian is the winner!!!
                                                      Now we are playing SPOONS
                                                           They love that game
                                                  All YSA that attended our conference

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