Thursday, May 23, 2013

We got our Resident Card on May 23, 2013


                                          Elder Cieslak (new office elder in training by Elder
                                          Register who will be leaving us next Tuesday to go
                                          home on a medical release to have knee surgery.  He
                                          just got his card before he goes home.

Carl's Birthday May 7, 2013

Birthday Boy with his delicious hand squeezed lemonade
This is his Chicken Salad

This is Elder Hutchinson's Hunter pancakes that are
 made out of potatoes and fried like a pancake with meat
and gravy all over it.

This is outside on the terrace of the restaurant
This is inside where the garage would be.  The big glass
doors are what would be the garage doors.

Happy Couple

This is outside of the restaurant with
Hutchinson's and Us.  Note the name of the restaurant
(Garage) in English

Elder and Sister Hutchinson
We Love Them and hope they will always be here.

The Bubble Mall over by the Stalin Tower

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Touring the Stalin Tower

                                                  This is outside our apartment building

                                                  The one with the window open is ours

                                             We found a Burger King at the Bubble Mall
                                                      Elder Hutchinson and Elder Jensen
Sister Jensen and Sister Hutchinson
                                                              This is the Stalin Tower

                                               Views from the top.  We rode an elevator
                                         to the top of 30 stories tall.


Going to the Urzad

                                     We had to take our marriage license that has been
                                      translated into Polish so we can get our card                                                    
                                          This is the most popular place for tourists to come
                                     It is beautiful.  We got there before the shops were open
                                    We will come back here for sure.  There are no cars
                                     here, you have to come by public transportation and walk
                                            There are many shops of things to buy in Poland

On Sunday we had a fireside for the YSA's

                                    We fed them first Kamil, Kamila, Agnieszka and Stefan
                                                        We are watching "17 Miracles"
                                                  Kamil is getting the DVD ready to play
                                After we watched the movie we went to President and Sister
                                  Nielson's where they both spoke to us.  Afterwards we had
                                   Banana Splits which they loved.

Our visit to the Manufaktura

                                                               This is where you enter
                               This is inside where they tell you that this is what it looked like

                                                   This is one of the old weaving looms
                              This is what it looked like when it was a working establishment
                            Now they have built this beautiful place with fountains, all kinds of
people come and perform there