Sunday, April 28, 2013

We look forward to meeting with our Senior Couples for training in Lodz.


Six of us departed from the Mission Home Friday morning.  Elder and Sister Jensen along with Elder and Sister Hutchinson came and picked us up.  President was thankful Elder Jensen drove.  It is hard to see, but the back of the "transporter" was completely loaded with supplies for our various cities.

We started on time with Elders and Sisters Jensen, Reed, Hutchinson, Tufts, Durrant, Sheley and Lloyds.  The weather has been so wonderful all week; but unfortunately today it started to rain. It takes more than rain and cold to dampen the spirits of these great Senior Missionaries, though!

Instruction started with President Nielson then each Senior Couple took time to teach, inspire and share ideas of what they were doing in their specific areas and assignments.

Elder and Sister Lloyd helped out tremendously as this training was held in Lodz where they serve.  Sister Lloyd is explaining how to drive to our restaurant Friday evening following a busy afternoon. It is not an easy task 'to caravan' during rush hour traffic and not get lost. But all our Seniors did well!

Once we all arrived, and found parking spots,  we enjoyed a wonderful evening and dinner just visiting and getting better acquainted.

(L to R): Elder and Sister Sheley, who serve in Poznan. Elder Sheley is the Branch President. Elder and Sister Hutchinson who serve in the Mission Office. With those many responsibilities, Elder Hutchinson also serves as 1st Counselor in the Warsaw I Branch.

(L toR): Elder and Sister Lloyd who serve in Lodz. Elder Lloyd is the 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency.  Elder and Sister Tufts with Elder Tufts serving as the 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency.  These Member Leadership Support missionaries are so valuable in our Branches.

Elder and Sister Reed who serve in Katowice and Elder and Sister Durrant serve in Wroclaw. (Both Brethren serve as Counselors in their Branch Presidencies).  

Elder and Sister Jensen who serve in Warsaw with our Young Single Adults.  All of our Senior Couples serve with our Young Singles Adults in their various cities.  Elder and Sister Jensen assist with the YSA Center and many other assignments from President. (Elder Jensen is also the Executive Secretary in the Mission Presidency and Sister Jensen handles legal/Residence Cards for our missionaries).

It is always fun to see who is going to take pictures.  Sister Nielson has to take
pictures wherever she goes, but President is going to take them tonight.

That doesn't look very safe!!


Eating breakfast at the hotel before going to
the church for more instruction.
Elder and Sister Tufts and Sister and Elder Hutchinson

Enjoying a wonderful breakfast with
Elder and Sister Sheley and Elder and Sister Reed

That was a great breakfast with
Elder and Sister Jensen and Sister and Elder Durrant


Elder and Sister Lloyd and Sister and President Nielson
talking to someone.  Must not disturb him.

This is where we stayed and our room had a bath tub, the first
I have had since coming to Poland. 

This is the church in Lodz you have to go through the locked gate

Now you can see the church.

The women are ready to start

The men are ready

A group picture

President and Sister Nielson
What a great training, thank you!!

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