Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthday Party for Elzbieta at Family Home Evening

                                         We sang Happy Birthday to her in Polish and she was
                                         dancing around and ended up like this at the end.
                                         Elzbieta age 61 will be getting baptized on Saturday
                                         with her mother Czeslawa She is getting baptized also

                                                   We picked out these flowers for her
                Elder and Sister Jensen, Elder and Sister Hutchinson, Elzbieta and Czeslawa
                                          These are the sister missionaries Sister Allen and
                                                   Sister Howells that are teaching them
                                          Dominique would not look at me, Godfrey would
                                          not look at me, or Marcin in the background
                                           Beautiful Spring Flowers (notice they are purple)
                                                                    my favorite color
                                         Sister Allen and an investigator and Sister Howells
                                                                   Stan and Slawek
                                               Slawek and Elder and Sister Hutchinson
                                                                    Are you happy???

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  1. Starszy and Siostra Jensen,
    Hi! I finally got on your blog and I'm just so excited to see faces that I recognize.
    Godfrey was baptized when I was there! It's wonderful to see he is still around!
    I found an old picture of Agnieszka at her baptism, so I"m gonna scan it and email it to you guys so you can show her!
    z miloscia,
    Kjell Stoddard Crowe