Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Sunday and no one had invited our missionaries to lunch so we did!!

                                     Waiting for the missionaries to come for lunch.  It will be
                                      crowded but we will make it.  We had ham and funeral
                                      potatoes, lion house sarah salad, buki's, juice, and
                                      cookie salad.  They seemed to enjoy it. 
                                                          We have everything all ready
                                    Table is set for 6, 2 missionaries will have to eat on the couch
                                                           Elder Van Bakel and Raines
                                                           Elder Garfield and Manwill

                                                               Sister Howells and Allen
                                                            Elder Vernon and Gibby

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  1. Thank you for feeding the missionaries on Easter!! Elder Vernon told me in an email that he was very grateful to have a home cooked meal for Easter. He said the meal was wonderful. Thank you for your service in Poland. You are not only blessing the Polish people but also the missionaries. Thank you!