Sunday, July 7, 2013

Excitement on our street

This happened on a Thursday night about 4:30.  We were
just coming home so Carl could go to a meeting and there
were a few policeman here.  They brought a  girl out of the
 trees and put her  in the van 
                                              Then the search was on around our building
                                                      I guess this is their SWAT Team

                                               These cars are all undercover policeman
                                              I heard a shot and then they brought him out
                                                   They threw him up against this tree
                                        His leg is all bloody so they had to call an ambulans
                                         (that is how they spell it) to come and fix him up.
The paramedics are fixing his leg where
the police shot him
                                          They are getting ready to put him on the stretcher 
                                         They wrapped his whole body in silver and gold foil
                                            They put him in the ambulans and another girl
                                                          was put in the ambulans too
I do not know what happened because I can't speak
Polish and I would not know who to call to find out
but it was very exciting for me to watch in
my apartment 11 stories up.




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