Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sacrament Meeting December 30, 2012

Here is a picture of us holding the Poland Flag.  We are so excited to serve the people of Poland.  Here are some more photos of our family taken the day we spoke in Sacrament Meeting.  We gave all our children scarves and ties in the Poland colors for Christmas.

                                                Our Oldest Son, Stewart, Julie, Jacob, Kayla,
                                                                  Krysta, Brayden Jensen

                                                 Our Son, Bruce, Cassie, Tori, Brig, Cade,
                                                                Max and Emery Jensen

                                       Our Oldest Daughter, Heather, Dennis, Brendan, Jordan,
                                                                Payton, and Emmalia Bird

                                                  Our Son, Kyle, Melanie, Collin, Janessa,
                                                               Katie, and Brinley Jensen

                                  Our Daughter, Tiffany, Chris, Bronson, Katelin, and Kali Riding

                                          Our Daughter, Holly, Tommy, And Tommy M. Deaver

                                                             Here is the whole family.


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